Pandemic plan

With the Covid-19 pandemic going up and down, we're following our Reopening Plan, approved by the Episcopal Church of Minesota (ECMN),  based on community health conditions and guidance from the state and from ECMN.

Sunday at 9:30 am:  In-person and virtual worship options


In-person worship

In-person worship needs to be safe for everyone. In response to current Covid conditions, here are our in-person attendance requirements: 

  • We expect all vaccine-eligible worshipers to be fully vaccinated for Covid-19. Typically that's two initial Covid-19 shots (one for Johnson & Johnson) plus a booster shot.


Virtual live-stream worship and events through YouTube

Each Sunday at 9:30 am, St. George's offers virtual worship services at:


You can attend worship and other "All are welcome" events virtually through the calendar on our Events page.  Just use the links and information in each calendar entry to access events virtually through YouTube or Zoom, as indicated.


And here's a tip sheet for using St. George's YouTube channel to attend worship services and music performances.


Using Zoom - for interactive events

For the best virtual experience in interactive events such as Bible study, meetings, and educational or social activities, please download the Zoom app to your device well before joining your first "meeting."

Here's detailed information on using Zoom for interactive events.