"The Church carries out its mission through the ministry of all its members."


- Book of Common Prayer, p. 855


"We have gifts that differ according to the grace given to us: prophecy, in proportion to faith; ministry, in ministering; the teacher, in teaching; the exhorter, in exhortation; the giver, in generosity; the leader, in diligence; the compassionate, in cheerfulness."


- Romans 12:6-8

Worship Ministries

Worship Ministries

Worship services are a family affair and a lot of people contribute.

Acolytes from our youth group serve at the altar and contribute from the beginning to the end of each service.

Members of the Altar Guild set the stage and the table for each service. 

Greeters welcome people to our gathering, while ushers make sure that everyone is taken care of during the service. 

Readers present the day’s scripture passages and chalice bearers assist in the Communion and through the service. 

Musicians and singers keep our ears, hearts, and voices engaged.

And, of course, after service there are folks providing energy for conversation with tasty treats and beverages.

Ask Fr. Tom, if you find any of these ministries calling you.

 Contact: Fr. Tom Gehlsen / Tomg@StGeorgesOnline.org

Music Ministries

Music Ministries

Music is important in the lives of our parishioners, so we seek to engage as many varied voices as possible in our services.

Some weeks we have traditional choral music. Other times, services have a more informal and contemporary feel, with music from our praise group. And often we have a “blended” music service, combining traditional and contemporary elements.

This variety provides a range of music to keep services dynamic and engaging. 

For people who hear the call to sing or perform, we have opportunities to sing with the choir or play with the Praise Group.

We invite you to sing to the Lord as a performer or simply as someone participating in a service. A voice raised in praise is a joyful thing!

Contact: John Hoffacker / Info@StGeorgesOnline.org

Social Outreach

St. George’s social outreach focuses on person-to-person activities and local relationships that represent a journey into becoming a more “missional” faith community.

Perspectives, Inc., based in St. Louis Park, is devoted to women and their children suffering from addictions, mental illness, and poverty.

One evening each month, parishioners staff Kid’s Café under the direction of Perspectives’ Chef Donnie, working side-by-side with elementary-age students to cook a healthy, tasty supper for about 50 parents, kids, and volunteers. In summers we help staff the Basketball in the Park program, sponsored by Perspectives and the St. Louis Park Police.

For the St. Louis Park Emergency Program (STEP) St. George’s collects food and cash donations. St. George’s also hosts and coordinates STEP’s annual school supplies drive, providing hundreds of filled backpacks for children in our community and participates in STEP’s Christmas toy drive.

Contact: Camile Schroeder / pacam@mchsi.com 

Youth Ministries

Youth Ministries

Children and young people are fully engaged in the worship and prayer life of the church, with educational opportunities that do not separate them unnecessarily from full participation with the rest of the congregation. Youth activities provide opportunities for young and old to learn, work, and contribute together.

Children’s Chapel: Every Sunday during the first half of the 10:30 am service.

Youth Group: Second Sunday of every month from 11:45 am to 1:15 pm.

Mission Trip: Youth (grades 7-12) are encouraged to attend our joint summer mission trip to the Rosebud Indian reservation in South Dakota.

Inter-generational Activities: Organized through the year.

Contact: Heather Whitesell / Heatherw@stgeorgesonline.org

Lay Leadership

Lay Leadership

There are many roles in which members can help carry out the operation of the church.

Vestry - While the Rector is in charge of all spiritual matters and staff direction, the Vestry is the elected board of the church, responsible for all “temporal matters.” With the Rector serving as chair, the elected Vestry holds all decision making responsibilities for the church.

Officers - The Rector’s Warden and Parish Warden are the elected lay leader of the Vestry. They have special responsibilities and chair meetings in the absence of the Rector. The Treasurer is our elected financial officer.

Committees - Various committees share the load for our operations, under direction of the Vestry. Our three Standing Committees are Finance, Buildings & Grounds, and Personnel. Special committees form as needed. These currently include Outreach and Welcoming.

Contact: Kathleen Boe, Rector’s Warden / kathleenkboe@gmail.com