Covid-19 Updates and Connections

In-person worship starts Sunday, June 6!

We're opening up! (Gradually and safely.)

As noted below, St. George's continues to offer virtual worship services through Zoom, but we're ready to welcome worshipers in person starting June 6.  With the pandemic receding but still a threat, we're following our Reopening Plan, approved by the Episcopal Church of Minesota (ECMN). 

In-person worship currently requires online pre-registration, social distancing, and masking. Plan to arrive at least 10 minutes before the start of service to allow for check-in and seating.

Read our Reopening Message for details.

Virtual worship and other events

Each Sunday at 9:30 am, St. George's continues to offer worshipers a virtual worship option using Zoom.

Virtual worship and all virtual events are listed on our calendar on the Events page. You can attend worship services virtually and other "All are welcome" virtual events directly from that calendar, using the provided links and information. Please see:

Using Zoom

For the best experience with virtual worship services, Bible study, meetings, and educational or social activities at St. George's, please download the Zoom app to your device well before joining your first "meeting."

Here's more detailed information on using Zoom for our virtual community activities.